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  • Nov

    About New York Caregivers Net

    New York Caregivers Net is the source for knowledgeable nannies, savvy sitters, housekeepers, senior care and tutors in New York / New Jersey, and matches local parents/families with local nannies and babysitters, as well as senior care providers, dog walkers, housekeepers, dog walkers, and private teachers.


    New York Caregivers Net is a paid ShareASale affiliate of Sitter City, WyzAnt Tutoring and Care com, and receives compensation in exchange for purchases of products and services made via those U.S. companies.

    BBB Accredited Business since 02/01/2003. Click here to verify A+ rating.

    NY Caregivers Net owns a Facebook business Page! Please LIKE us there and post your comments on the Wall.

    NY Caregivers Net has a Google+ profile, here. Please follow us on Google+.

    View Armando B. Silva's LinkedIn profileView Armando B. Silva’s LinkedIn profile

    Business Listing at Manta NY

    NY Caregivers Net at Zimbio NY Caregivers Net has an ezine at Zimbio, covering original articles about sitters / caregivers / tutors / housekeepers.

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  • Apr

    Market Niche Secrets Training Videos: 100+ minutes of watch over-the-shoulder, hands-on training with real examples…

    Niche Secrets Video #1: Introduction – Why Niche Sites Are So Great & The Process Overview. [5m 53s]

    Niche Secrets Video #2: Brainstorming Part 1 – Using The Search Engines Own Predictive Keywords. [11m 37s]

    Niche Secrets Video #3: Brainstorming Part 2 – 5 Great Places To Get Keyword Ideas. [12m 38s]

    Niche Secrets Video #4: Search Volume – Making Sure You Will Get Traffic. [10m 18s]

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    Niche Secrets Video #5: Keyword Value & Search Trend – Understanding The Value Of A Keyword. [7m 54s]

    Niche Secrets Video #6: Competition Evaluation & Free Tools – How To Make Sure You Can Rank For A Keyword & Free Tools To Use. [16m 32s]

    Niche Secrets Video #7: Building Niche Authority – How To Build A True Authority Niche Site. [14m 21s]

    Niche Secrets Video #8: Automation – How To Automate the Process For Real Profits. [20m 24s]

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  • Mar

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  • Mar

    IMeye Product Review

    IMeye Keyword Research Tool

    This revolutionary keyword tool includes more than 3 million pre-analyzed, high value keyword phrases and opportunities that will help boost your exposure, traffic, conversions and profits, no matter what type of online business you own. Start your 3 day risk free trial, today!

    Test Drive IMeye, Risk Free for 3 Days, and discover hundreds of High Profit markets.

    Please check it here, and read our Product Review for IMeye.

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  • Jan

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  • Dec

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  • Nov

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  • Jul

    Phone Search Lookup Directory for the United States market

    Please check my latest site that will allow you to investigate any mobile, landline or unlisted phone number in the United States and Canada.

    You’ll be able to find the owner of any mobile / landline / unlisted phone number in the United States and Canada, via a convenient free trial (or you could simply buy the individual phone number report you’re looking for.

    Essentially, it’s a phone lookup service for finding instant information about the caller.

    Find Out Who’s Been Calling You! Results may include the name of the caller, the home phone number associated with the caller, the address of the caller, you can even find out if the caller has been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor! And you can get access to caller’s local and national court records, birth / marriage / death certificates, and more!

    Phone Number Directory. Search phones here, and find out whose number belongs to.

    Results may include the name of the caller, the home phone number associated with the caller, the address of the caller, you can even find out if the caller has been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor!

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  • May

    How to double your sales without the need for additional visitors…

    I’ve recently implemented a new app in all my WordPress sites, and I just wanted to share with my site visitors and newsletter subscribers just how cool this brand new thing is…

    That’s how I managed to double the number of my e-newsletter signups simply by watching and studying existing site traffic, and how they interact with my sites…

    Simply watch the video below, here.

    Yep! You can seriously spy on your site visitors, LIVE.  And these are not just real time stats, but they are real time videos of your users’ traffic interacting with your own WordPress sites!

    With these videos, it’s very easy to find amazing insights, make a few changes to your own WP site, encourage your site visitors to click more ads, get more e-newsletter subscribers, or buy more of your products or services.

    Ultimately, spying on your site visitors will bring you more profits!

    Trust me, the value of analyzing the behavior of your visitors can be even higher than any Search Engine Optimization technique or having to pay big bucks for online advertising (e.g. AdWords).

    WHY – you might ask?  Well, you can double your conversions without the need to receive additional traffic to your site(s).

    And doubling conversions is more effective than just doubling your site traffic because all you’ll need to do is stick to what converts well, and move
    on to bringing in more traffic, later. Basically, you’ll improve your user experience with this new WP app – and that means more profits to you.

    If you’re a little unsure about it, that’s understandable…

    But check out what all the current users are already saying here, by using this new WordPress app.

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  • May

    SEO: Another Google algorithm update has landed… the Penguin one!

    This most recent Google algorithm update has been designed to target web spam and focuses specifically on questionable tactics like link schemes, keyword stuffing, cloaking and misleading redirects, all aiming at reaching page #1 on SERP (Search Engines Results Pages).

    These algorithm changes have been coming in fast from Google, over recent months, and have been affecting huge sections of the web.

    This latest (called Penguin update) has impacted particularly hard on commercially driven keyword phrases, which traditionally have been known to be targeted by low quality websites.

    Although my latest website initiative is relatively recent (i.e. less than 6 months), the results have been remarkable, in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Please check it here:  —> NY Caregivers Net’ Search Engines Results Pages.

    Overnight, my site NY Caregivers Net jumped from page 10 to page 1 on Google’ SERP, as you can see from the image above, for hundreds of 3-word keyword phrases. That represents lots of qualified traffic and new leads, without the need to rely on expensive Google Adwords campaigns. And such top results (i.e. #1 SERP) were also achieved for Bing and Yahoo.

    Fortunately, this latest Google Penguin update recognized the quality of each landing page I’ve created, in order to achieve such good results. It’s a lot of hard work, but I think it’s worth it, because of the quality traffic you start getting from all search engines – not just Google.

    If you wanna clone these SERP results for your own web site, make sure you use the WordPress Content Management System, followed by the correct keywords tags policy for each landing page you create. Your backlinks strategy is also of paramount importance, making sure that authority sites and key directories link to your site and/or deep-linking landing pages.

    The very first thing to do is check whether your web site has been affected by the recent Penguin updates and to what extent. The best way to check for issues on your web site is to run a few searches for key terms within your industry, which you already know are great traffic drivers to your own web site. In my case, I normally run the keyword phrase “ny caregivers” once a week, and if my site is not on page 1 on Google, I’ll know immediately that my web site is in trouble, and I must do something about it.

    Fortunately, Google is now allowing feedback on their recent algorithm update via the Google Webmaster’s Tools. All you have to do is to submit a spam report to them from within your area, while logged in, and explain your case, if applicable.

    Another important metric to check is the amount of pages indexed by Google for your own web site.

    SEO is not dead – and there are 5 ways to do it in a smart way. Check this article, explaining the detailed steps you must take concerning the Penguin update, if your web site was negatively affected.



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